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Beautiful asymmetrical lines ♪ Flats

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White  material:Cloth
JPY 16,500 Approx. USD 118
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  • Casual Shoes JPY 16,500
  • Casual Shoes JPY 16,500
  • Casual Shoes JPY 16,500
  • Casual Shoes JPY 16,500
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Item No EM42105
Color White  material:Cloth
Size(cm) 23.5
Number3 070427
Number 107042700011
Date of Sale 2022/09/22 15:43:46
Made in Japan
Unit of size : cm convert [cm] into the other
Height of heel : about2cm
Brand : DIANA foot circumference / about the material

Sizes that are not in stock may sometimes be made available. Please contact us with your request.(Please note that the item may not be available in some cases even upon request.)

Shoes could have some unavoidable wrinkles and slight wounds for the reason of the manufacturing process, and also some color and feel of materials might be different for each shoes or right and left.We would appreciate your understanding.
On the raised fabric shoes, the streaks and texture may differ slightly between the right and left shoe. Also note that the material is easily damaged by rubbing or when wet, and spots and dirt are difficult to remove.
The fabric material is easily damaged when wet, by dirt or spots, or if rubbed or caught on something. Please wear with care. Also note that it may fade or become stained by colors from other objects.
The pattern and shade of the patterned material may differ between pairs of shoes and between the left and right shoe.
The buckles are fixed to the uppers. Take care not to pull them too hard or catch them on anything.
Leather covered heels.
Under sockliner: 5 mm D soft form in the front, 3 mm D soft form in the heel counter
Flats with beautiful flowing asymmetrical lines. The rounded motif adds just the right amount of volume. They have a crisp and neat look that is a great match for styles you usually pair with heels. The matte black suede shoes look great with a wide variety of styles. The houndstooth with silver strands is the perfect match for classical fall and winter styles. The deep and elegant navy suede is a versatile color that is great for both private and professional occasions. The bright colored shoes add a touch of glamor to your feet. Wear these as an accent for dark fall and winter styles.
They are made of soft suede throughout that conforms nicely to your foot contours. The asymmetrical topline makes your feet look lovely and holds the outer sides of your instep securely in place. They are made to fit a little snugly at first to keep your heels from slipping out.