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DIANA is a brand for today’s women who are just starting to shine.
We strive to create originality from a global view in all aspects of our products from the material to the shoe mold, insole material, decorations and other details.
The DIANA brand presents shoes and matching handbags that emphasize elegance and give off an air of modernity.


The DIANA WELLFIT brand presents shoes with ultimate foot comfort for women who value their lifestyle. 
Centered on the concepts of functionality, a good fit, and a fresh look, 
these shoes promise a snug and comfortable fit for your feet and toes and add a casual , modern flair.


The +diana brand is a sneaker brand for sophisticated ladies to freely enjoy great fashion in any scenario in your own unique way.
These products are sneakers that are not too casual so you can look feminine while wearing them.

DIANA Co., Ltd. is a Japanese women’s shoe store that sells fashionable shoes and handbags for women.

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