Gentle femininity ♪ Pumps adorned with large bows

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Pink  material:Suede Leather
JPY 16,500 Approx. USD 157
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Item No TS16167
Color Pink  material:Suede Leather
Size(cm) 23.5
Number3 071306
Number 107130600011
Date of Sale 2020/09/07 9:51:48
Made in Japan
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Height of heel : about6cm
Brand : DIANA foot circumference / about the material

Sizes that are not in stock may sometimes be made available. Please contact us with your request.(Please note that the item may not be available in some cases even upon request.)

Shoes could have some unavoidable wrinkles and slight wounds for the reason of the manufacturing process, and also some color and feel of materials might be different for each shoes or right and left.We would appreciate your understanding.
The bows may come off if pulled hard. Be very careful not to hit them hard or catch on anything when walking. (They are stitched on and cannot be removed.)
In the raised fabric shoes, the streaks and texture differ between the left and right shoe. Please note that they are easily damaged by rubbing or when wet, and spots and dirt are difficult to remove.
The tulle lace material is extremely delicate. They may tear or be damaged when wet, by dirt or by constant rubbing or being caught on something. Please wear with care.
Due to properties of the fabric, the metallic foil finished leather tends to have fine wrinkles or peel. Also note that it is a delicate fabric that is easily scratched or damaged by rubbing.
The heels are leather-covered.
Elegant bow-adorned pumps that are great with both professional and private wear. Pair them with socks for a more feminine look !
With a cushioned toe box, their comfort is also top notch! Chunky heels offer excellent stability.