Brighten your feet ★ Flats with a flower-pattern embroidery combo

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Beige  material:Cloth
JPY 16,740 Approx. USD 150
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  • Shoes JPY 16,740
  • Shoes JPY 16,740
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Item No MR4173D
Color Beige  material:Cloth
Size(cm) 23.5
Number3 600276
Number 160027600011
Date of Sale 2017/07/03 13:04:39
Made in Japan
Unit of size:cm convert 「cm」 into the other   Height of heel:about1cm
Sizes that are not in stock may sometimes be made available. Please contact us with your request.(Please note that the item may not be available in some cases even upon request.)

Shoes could have some unavoidable wrinkles and slight wounds for the reason of the manufacturing process, and also some color and feel of materials might be different for each shoes or right and left.We would appreciate your understanding.
DO NOT WEAR IN THE RAIN because it's sensitive to water.
This product is part of the Disney Collection.
The fabric material is easily damaged when wet, by dirt or spots, or if rubbed or caught on something. Please wear with care.
The embroidered part is very delicate. Be very careful with this part as the strings may break when pulled or rubbed. Also note that the embroidered part cannot be repaired.
The heels are leather-covered.

★ These flats that have elaborate flower-patterned embroidery are available in a Mickey and Minnie Mouse set or a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet set ★
★ The embroidery threads are in vivid, eye-catching colors ☆ Wear these for bright and flowery feet in fall and winter too ♪