Cute pearls ♪ Feminine sneakers

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Beige  material:Cloth
JPY 17,600 Approx. USD 114
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  • Sneakers JPY 17,600
  • Sneakers JPY 17,600
  • Sneakers JPY 17,600
  • Sneakers JPY 17,600
  • Sneakers JPY 17,600
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Item No HE44596
Color Beige  material:Cloth
Size(cm) 23.5
Number3 781144
Number 178114400011
Date of Sale 2024/02/29 16:01:26
Made in Indonesia
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Height of heel : about4cm
Brand : +diana foot circumference / about the material

Sizes that are not in stock may sometimes be made available. Please contact us with your request.(Please note that the item may not be available in some cases even upon request.)

Shoes could have some unavoidable wrinkles and slight wounds for the reason of the manufacturing process, and also some color and feel of materials might be different for each shoes or right and left.We would appreciate your understanding.
Made with artificial leather. Please note that, due to the properties, the surface will peel and degrade after two to three years. The enamel is easily color stained by other materials and stains are difficult to remove. Take care when storing the shoes.
The tweed material is easily damaged when wet, by dirt or spots, or if rubbed or caught on something. Please wear with care. Take great care to keep the fabric from getting wet. The pattern and shade may differ between pairs of shoes and between the left
Take care as the lame parts may come off from the glittered fabric if rubbed. Take care to keep the glitter from getting wet. Please be aware that the glitter may get caught on and damage pants or other clothing.
Be careful when walking as the pearls may come off or chip if bumped or hit hard.
Has 8 mm high rebound cushioned cup insoles in the heels.
This new model is packed with feminine essence, sporting large pearls, crystal rhinestones, and grosgrain bows. The exquisite balance of casual x fresh and elegant creates a distinctive +diana look. They have newly developed originally-designed soles with shaped arches and compact heel counters to create a trendy voluminous look as well as a slender and feminine silhouette.
They have lightweight EVA foam soles that are both light and durable. The insoles fit your arches well and 10 mm high rebound cushions absorb the impact when you walk.